Jennifer & Timothy Willis.

In 2015, Summit Heating and Air was launched in our hometown Marietta, GA.

We not only wanted deep roots with our home and children here but also our business. Summit has grown by word-of-mouth referrals in a very dense area. We care about our customers because they are our neighbors, friends, and families who attend church with us, and parents of our kids' friends.

We are deeply immersed in this community and see our business as a vehicle to give back and serve in so many different ways. We are a Partner in Education for Marietta Middle School and are heavily involved helping with deliveries from the food bank, supplying needs for teachers, and supporting the sports teams. We hope to develop relationships with our customers, so we are here for the long life of their systems and to meet their needs along the way.

In our company culture, we filter every decision through the value of "people over profits."

Whether internally or externally, it is the idea that as a company we exist to serve and raise up our customers, employees, and community first. If this is done well, everything else seems to naturally fall into place in its proper order. Ultimately, we find that life is dull and aimless if it is only about squeezing that extra dollar out of everyone and everything. We often tell people we are a leadership company that happens to do heating and air.

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